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Guests with referrals issued by the National Health Fund

Bałtyk Health Resort offers stays for visitors referred to the resort by the National Health Fund. On site, visitors can enjoy a wide variety of treatments, healthy cuisine and comfortable accommodation in the immediate vicinity of the Seaside Park.

Bałtyk Health Resort offers rehabilitation and spa stays for visitors referred to the resort by the National Health Fund. Treatment starts on the day specified on the referral (confirmed by the National Health Fund). The length of stay is 21 or 28 days.

We provide visitors referred by the National Health Fund with the following:

  • medical examinations (preliminary – no later than on the first day of arrival, check-up – during the stay, final clinical examination – within 24 hours before departure)
  • medical and nursing care, including a possibility to have a prescription for medication
  • procedures issued (at least 3 physical procedures per day for 6 treatment days a week, treatment targeted at the disease being the reason why the insured person was referred to the health resort, depending on medical indications and contraindications)
  • a possibility to purchase additional treatments (upon the physician’s approval and making an annotation in the documentation that the insured person wishes to purchase additional treatments)
  • diet meals adjusted to visitors’ health condition and medical indications
  • essential medicine in case of sickness

Individuals visiting the facility for health resort treatment should have the following with them:

  • referral to health resort treatment confirmed by a provincial branch of the National Health Fund
  • an ID card
  • valid proof of insurance results of additional tests,
  • specialist consultations and medical information cards regarding hospital treatment which can be relevant to the referral or health resort treatmen
  • medication taken on a regular basis for the entire period of stay

Visitors referred by the National Health Fund bear the following costs:

  • the costs of travel to and from the health resort
  • partial fee for room and board in the health resort (in accordance with the pricelist)
  • optional TV charges
  • visitor’s tax (visitor’s tax at a rate determined in the regulation of the Mayor of the City of Kołobrzeg may be collected for the period of stay)
  • Attention! Fees for the stay at the health resort depend on the settlement period and standard of accommodation (in accordance with the pricelist).

Additional information:

  • check-in starts at 2:00 pm, check-out is at 12:00 pm
  • the stay starts with dinner and concludes with breakfast
  • in justified cases, a health resort visitor may arrive one day before the start of stay, provided that prior booking is made in advance. Paid accommodation (in accordance with the pricelist) provided that prior booking is made depending on availability,
  • a health resort visitor may stay an additional night at an extra charge (in accordance with the pricelist)

A table specifying partial fees for room and board at the Bałtyk Health Resort for one day of stay. 1
(Appendix no. 2 to the regulation of the Minister of Health of July 23, 2013 on guaranteed health resort treatment benefits).

Visitors of the Bałtyk Health Resort have the following at their disposal:

  • kettle on every floor
  • iron (can be requested at the front desk)
  • a hand and bath towel (per person) can be found in every room – towels are replaced once per stay,
  • residential units with washing and toilet facilities.

Additional services:

  • a 21 visit Sea Odyssey Water Park pass without a time limit at a special price of PLN 89.00 for guests referred by the National Health Fund, whereby a guest can enter the Swimming Pool Complex once per day.
  • An attended car park is available upon prior booking at PLN 39.00 per day.
  • It is possible to purchase meals in the form of a buffet at a price of PLN 19.00 per day, sold only in a bundle for the entire stay.

1 The provisions of regulation […] concerning the cost of room and board in a health resort per one day of stay specified in appendix no. 2 to the regulation […] apply to health care services provided from October 1, 2013.


Regulations of a stay covered by the National Health Fund – download

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