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Permanent Makeup

Permanent Makeup

Permanent Makeup

Permanent Makeup

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The trichologist is not a doctor, he is a specialist dealing only with the scalp and hair. What distinguishes him from a doctor, e.g. a dermatologist, is the fact that he does not deal with other skin conditions occurring on other parts of the body. The task of the trichologist is to thoroughly analyze the condition of the scalp, hair roots, scalp related diseases (such as dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis), determine the causes of hair loss and choose the right, individual hair care method.


Trichological consultation + camera examination 80 zł

Trichological procedures od 100 zł

przed oczyszczaniem skóry głowy     po oczyszczaniu skóry głowy

before cleansing the scalp              after cleansing the scalp



Scalp micropigmentation is an innovative method of dealing with the problem of androgenetic alopecia and plaque. This technique is gaining increasing popularity around the world.Due to its non-invasiveness, simplicity and almost immediate results, it is a great alternative to other available ways to get rid of this troublesome problem.It involves the creation of an almost perfect imitation of the shaved scalp using micro punctures. Thanks to this, the effect of the treatment is so realistic that it is difficult to recognize where the natural hair is and where the micropigmentation. The treatment can rejuvenate a man even by 10 years! The results are appreciated not only by our customers, but also by their partners.



Bends from 1000 – 2000 zł

Vertex 1500 – 2000 zł

Bends + top of the head + back of the head 3900 – 4900 zł

Whole head 6000 – 7900 zł

​Scars 500 zł

Hair thickening 500 zł

Beard hair replacement from​ 300 zł

Possibility of using installments 12 x 0%

Free micropigmentation consultation



Permanent Makeup:


Eyebrows microblading method 700 zł

Eyebrows using the shadow method 850 zł

Upper line in the eyelash line3 50 zł

Upper and lower lines in the lash line​ 600 zł


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